It's easy to share your space when you don't need it.

Do you have a rec room, fitness studio, kitchen, or other spaces that aren't being used 24/7? You can rent out just about any type of space when it's convenient for you and turn your underutilized space(s) into additional income.

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Earn Extra Revenue

Space is a valuable resource, and chances are you aren't using all of your space(s) all of the time. Maybe your kitchen is free a few hours here and there, your dance studio is available every Monday afternoon, or you have a classroom that is available every evening. Whatever the type of space and whatever the availability, there's a chance someone may be able to use it and your business or organization could earn additional income.

Gain New Customers/Supporters

By enabling people to find and rent your spaces, you are also exposing new customers or supporters to your business or organization.

Enable Community Building

People are always in need of functional spaces for their everyday activities, but it's often difficult for people to find spaces that are convenient and affordable. When you make your spaces available, you enable more people to have playgroups, rummage sales, art classes, and other activities that build community.

It's Free to List

It is absolutely free to register and list your venue(s) and space(s) on Venyooz! Venyooz simply takes a 10% fee on bookings that are processed through the website, and the payment processor takes an additional ~3.0%. No registration fees means it's free to get started on Venyooz, and Venyooz only makes money when you make money. (Don't worry, we'll help you figure out how much you need to charge for your spaces in order to make rentals a valuable source of income for your business/organization.)


You may rent out your spaces by the hour, day, week, and/or month, and charge any price you find appropriate and worthwhile! If you aren't sure how much you should charge, you may use our rate calculator to receive our recommendation. You can also adjust your prices as often as you like. You are also welcome to list spaces that you rent out for free - we are happy to help you spread the word among the community.

Rental Requests

There are two ways a renter may request use of your space:

  • Custom Quotes. Renters may submit a form to indicate their interest in your space and describe their activity and needs in detail. Once you receive the request, you can provide the renter with an all-inclusive price quote, ask the renter for more information, or ignore/deny the request. (Learn more about Custom Quotes.)
  • Rapid Rentals. This process is more streamlined. You list your precise rates and availability in your space listing and then renters simply request your space for an available time at the listed price. You may review the renter's profile and proposed activity, and quickly approve or deny the request. (Learn more about Rapid Rentals.)


Venyooz works with a trusted and secure third-party payment processor that will collect the payment from the renter and deposit the funds directly into your bank account or send you a paper check. All you need to do it setup an account (which only takes one minute, and we'll help you do it!) and then wait for the funds to roll in. (Learn more about the payment process.)


You may select from one of three different cancellation policies, and your chosen policy will appear in your space listings and within the terms of your rentals.

Safety and security is incredibly important, both for the businesses and organizations who enable virtual strangers to use their spaces, and for the individuals who rent spaces from potentially unfamiliar businesses and organizations. Venyooz has a number of features that enable both renters and venues to be safer and feel more confident with their rental arrangements.

Renter Profiles

Once a potential renter has requested your space, you may view the renter's profile, including personal and/or professional bios, references, social networks, and reviews.


You may encourage or require renters to obtain additional liability insurance, and Venyooz will help renters purchase the necessary coverage.

Your space listing(s) will clearly display the types of activities/uses that you determine are appropriate and permittable in your spaces. This enables renters to find your space(s) based on their particular needs and your preferences, and reduces the chance that they will overlook your space due to false assumptions, or request your space for unsuitable activities.

Current activity/use categories:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Art Display/Exhibition
  • Child Play
  • Class/Instruction
  • Cooking/Food Preparation
  • Convention/Trade Show/Expo
  • Dining
  • Filming/Photo Shoot
  • Fitness/Dance
  • Formal Event
  • Market/Boutique
  • Meeting/Discussion Group
  • Professional/Networking Event
  • Office Work/Studying
  • Party (Lively/Loud)
  • Party (Subdued/Mellow)
  • Political Gathering
  • Press/Media Event
  • Performance
  • Rehearsal
  • Religious Occasion
  • Screening (TV/Film)
  • Seminar/Conference
  • Sports/Athletic Event

Rental requests are submitted either through the Custom Quote process or the Rapid Rental process. As the venue manager, no rentals will be confirmed and processed until you provide the final approval. This enables you to double-check your availability, review the renter's profile and proposed activity, and consider any other factors you find relevant before accepting or denying the reservation.

Not only do you have access to our support center, with lots of FAQs and step-by-step instructions, but you will have access to friendly support staff to assist you with rentals, payments, cancellations, refunds -- you name it.

Have questions? Looking for more details? Check out our FAQs.